James + Cheri


   The weather was perfect. Cheri and James both decided on The Padre Hotel for prep location. Which is awesome because the rooms are a good size and the decor is unique. James was cool and calm, and Cheri was excited. James was helping his son get ready, and later James brother was assisting him. The girls were no different. They had an assembly line of girls getting ready. They were all having tons of fun as they all got dolled up. They were even doubling up on the girls. While the makeup artist did the makeup, the hairdresser worked on the hair. It was pure beauty and harmony. Mila was right there next to momma getting her makeup done too. She was enjoying the special attention as well. It was ADORABLE. Cheri's gown was stuffed with paper. Although it was a first for us the gown looked great. With a couple different angles, you can get the perfect shot without the stuffing showing. Her dress just hung beautifully with the stuffing. 

     The ceremony was very nice and it came directly from the preacher's heart. They had a duet singing and playing the piano beautifully. Shortly after the ceremony, we took family and friend pictures. The church is very antique well taken care of and gorgeous. I actually went to the Catholic school next door for I think about a year in my younger days. So it was nice to be back at LOPH again. 

     The reception was so much fun. Everyone in the wedding party came out dancing when they introduced them at grand entrance. Brayden came out in a Michael Myers mask because why not? right? This is something he planned for a long time leading up to the wedding. It was awesome he was accompanied by Stephen whom I grew to love. He's their cousin/BFF and wedding planner. He really helped us to keep things moving along. Thank you, Stephen. The food was buffet style which we love, and it was delicious. Everyone came out to celebrate with James and Cheri. We met a lot of new friends and awesome relatives. I just felt the love with both their grandmothers, for they were so cute when they gave their blessings before dinner. We had a blast and we wish you the best for years to come. Thank you for choosing our team to document your special day. Everything turned out great !! We love you guys! Enjoy this new chapter in your lives. Cheri & James you guys did such a great job on your wedding everything was stunning. I absolutley loved your bridal party tons of fun & energy. 

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