We all love strobe lights, laser lights. In fact, we like all the different color lights that attract our eyes. We like them because they make partying that much more fun. I love these lights too because they set the mood for dancing and fun.

     I only want to make you aware of what up lighting can do for you and your decorations. They make for a great time, but when the lights come on is the key for me. This is important for everyone because a lot of money and effort were put into a single day. Uplights are the colorful lights that the venue or lights the DJ provides. From the gorgeous white flowers to the gorgeous white dance floor, everything should be set up before any of the guest start arriving at the reception area. The uplighting should remain off at this time. I suggest having the lights off because this gives the cinematographer and the photographer a chance to capture the venue fully set up before the guest start to sit down and with no uplighting.   

     I know this might be a lot to ask for, but this event has been in the planning stages for months. I hope. If you take the time beforehand to ask the Dj or the Venue to hold off on the lasers and led lights until open dancing, you have a better chance of me displaying true colors. I used white earlier as an example because a white rose will look purple next to purple uplighting. The same goes for your skin tones. If your uplighting is purple your complexion will be purple. I have two bright white led lights. Depending on the frequency of the uplights, my led lights are no match for the uplighting. These are all mere suggestion. There is no right or wrong here. The day should represent you and you should enjoy the day, and not stress about anything.

     We will try our best to make your day as special as you deserve. Somethings are in our control and some are not. Let's not stress over the things we can't change and prepare for the things that are within our reach. As vendors, it's our job to make your day a special one, so keep that in mind. With lights in mind. My lights will not mess with the mood of the uplighting. I only use them for a short period of time during the open dancing. I use them to battle against all the different type of lights. The maximum amount of time I use my lights during open dancing is 20-30 minutes tops. After that my lights are gone we shake hands and give hugs and the mood is always unaffected.