Good afternoon everybody, 

     Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Victor Polina. I am many titles. I'm a husband to Marianne, I'm a father to four beautiful girls, and I'm a cinematographer. These are not listed in any order of importance, but first and foremost I gather all my strength to be all these titles and more from the one and only God. I love to play basketball and walk our dog on my free time. I absolutely love nature and it's different seasonal colors. Enough about me on to the good stuff. Allow me to be your teacher, your counselor, and most importantly your friend. This week's blog is on the importance of Cinema. I hope you enjoy.       

     "If there's enough money at the end of our budget, then maybe we will add video? ” This is the case more often than not. It shouldn’t be that way, and I'm here to tell you why. Pictures and video are the most valuable assets we can invest in on our wedding day. Investment is the perfect word when it comes to video because over time video gains this wealth that's not measurable in dollars. Allow me to elaborate in 2001, I found my self in the US Army basic training core. I bought a photo and video package, and I still cherish the pictures and album. The video somehow got misplaced. I still hope my parents have it somewhere, but just the other day I wished I could show my daughters the video one time. Only one time. I believe it only takes us one second to see ourselves on tv and in a flash be transported there like a magical teleportation device. For the generations that were not there like my daughters, they can be part of that moment I wished to share with them through the video. Video, pictures, and albums are the tangible items we can share with generation and generations to come. 

      I feel like the value of photos is instant because we all can admire a moment frozen well in time. We can get lost in a picture for hours because we just love that memory. With time video becomes valuable like a fine aged wine. After five to ten years these memories become invaluable because we can share them with our offspring. Maybe an elder generation is no longer with us, but you have that video of them dancing or singing. We can always sit back and admire our selves as time passes. Maybe at first, we might not value our video right away because of reasons like “I don’t like how I look now” I’m here to tell you that God made everyone beautiful in their own way. I truly believe and stand by this saying. I find myself telling my girls this all the time, for all my daughters are beautiful in their own way. Once we are comfortable with our self-image, only then can we can start to value our video right away.

     Whether you value video now or later? We can all agree that the memories are priceless, and we love to share them with our family and friends. Sometimes there are surprise performances that the bride and groom had no clue about. Family and friends love to serenade each other when they are feeling happy, and what better way than with a song? or a dance? These are the precious memories that I capture in full motion for you to relive over and over again. To be honest, the whole day can be so magical that everything is a blur. We understand how many moving parts there are to a wedding day, and it is a lot. Sit back relax and let our team capture the best day of your life ever! It's a pretty big deal so let's not skip out on video.

     I was in this same boat above, our wedding was no different. We almost didn't get video, but we are both so glad we did. The dancing is live, the speeches are live, and the emotion is live. We can still watch our wedding video again and get teary-eyed all over again. Granted I don't watch it every day, but I know in the future we can all gather around and enjoy the first day of our lives. Many moments define our life but marriage is a very big one.

   Thank you for taking the time to read this. #MLGrooms I will be coming out with content and videos on men's needs like how to tie a tie, and lots and lots of cinematography education. Guys if you have any suggestion you would like to hear about please comment below. I would love to hear your feedback. Thanks again and have a blessed day.