Zachary + Danielle

Beautiful DIY colorful Wedding in Granada Hills, Ca


     This was our last wedding of the year. Wow, this year flew by we are excited for all the brides and grooms that trusted us with their love stories. We are eager to share this wedding with you in Granada Hills on a windy day.

      Danielle was bombarded with all sorts of emotions at the alter. She was mostly overwhelmed  with tears of joy as she read Zachary's response to her love letters. Danielle and Zachary are high schools sweet hearts that share the same passion for music. They are a fun and goofy couple who didn't let a little bit of wind deter them from capturing beautiful portraits.

     The mutual love they share really shines through their eyes. Zachary pays attention to detail when it comes to Danielle and vice versa. They planned their wedding 8 years later down to the day from their first date back in 2008. Zachary is real cordial, as he first asked Danielle's father for her hand in marriage. Zachary grew on Danielle's father so he approved the marriage. His mother helped him with the ring, and Zachary proposed to Danielle at midnight on her birthday. He wanted her whole day to be special. He diverted her attention away from his plans of proposing by rescuing a dog. He had everything ready to proposed and just couldn't wait till morning. Faithfully by Journey was playing in the background as they were settling in for bed. Before the chorus hit he showed her the ring and popped the question. She said yes with tears of joy, and they cuddled after.

     They announced their marriage to their families and everyone was so happy to hear the news. Some even said it was about time, but none the less their hearts belonged to each other since high school.

     On December 26, 2016 they declared their love in front of God, family, and friends at the Odyssey Restaurant in Granada Hills. We are honored to have attended their celebration. We had a blast, for the DJ kept the atmosphere fun and energetic. There was a lot of dancing. An awesome playlist with classic hits from the 80's and 90's. They are a fun couple, and they have a wide taste in music. EL Sonidito by Hechiceros for the garter toss shows how fun they are. After toast, games, and food Mr. & Mrs. Imperial danced the night away to their favorite jams. 

     What a perfect was to close 2016. We a looking forward to 2017. We are exited to show case some techniques and equipment. We will keep you up to date, good night. We hope you enjoy this blog.       



CEREMONY VENUE: Odyssey Restaurant

RECEPTION VENUE: Odyssey Restaurant


PHOTOGRAPHER: Marianne Lucas Photography & Cinematography

VIDEOGRAPHER: Marianne Lucas Photography & Cinematography

DJ: Jeff Atlas


CAKE ARTIST: Nothing Bundt Cakes

MAKE-UP ARTIST: Erica Artieda

HAIR ARTIST: Erica Artieda

OFFICIANT: Groom's Sister, Amanda

BRIDAL GOWN: Cruz's Bridal, Alfred Angelo