I am excited to share this gorgeous e- session on the blog today. Chelsea & Rodney rocked their session last week. 

     I just love to travel out of town for engagement sessions, and see all the diverse locations. California has a ton of beautiful sceneries to choose from. Its always fun to incorporate a favorite place or location that is special to the couple for their engagement session. Another idea could be to go somewhere you both have been wanting to visit. 

     Rodney & Chelsea chose Pasadena City Hall and the Arlington Garden for their engagement session. Wow, this place was a gorgeous sight to see. This session has been a long time coming. We scheduled their session back in November, but we had to reschedule due to the rain. Rodney lives in Atlanta & Chelsea lives here in Bakersfield, so the timing had to be just right. They take turns every month alternating who visits who and where for over 2 years now. Isn't that just too cute? Their relationship stays strong even though there is thousands of miles that separates them. 

     I love their determination towards their careers and relationship. You can really see the respect and commitment they have for each other. They support each other and they both genuinely care about each others well being. Chelsea is spontaneous & fun and full of life. Rodney is more calm and collective, but I could tell he really wanted to make Chelsea happy. I look forward to this amazing couple's wedding, and to many more amazing sessions to come.