Have you ever had your pictures taken in a snow storm? Wow! This is a 15 minute session that I will never forget.

During our confirmation call Joel & Tisha asked me if I was willing to change their location to Tehachapi? I was all for it because I love to travel to new places. It was a gorgeous but scary site to see. Snow covered mountains, high elevations, and winding roads are not my forte.

When we were driving up it was raining a bit. As soon as we arrived to Tehachapi it was snowing like crazy. We decided to do their final timeline meeting at a nearby restaurant hoping that the snow would calm down a little bit. It didn't, so we decided to shoot anyways. Our session lasted about 15 minutes, and we were freezing. Their gallery ended up having over 50 gorgeous snowy images. The drive home was the scariest. You guys know we are a husband & wife team right?.... I was riding solo, and I was so scared. The roads had a thick blanket of snow, and I was losing traction. I'm very thankful for my husband's mad driving skills. He always drives me. I'm very spoiled when it comes to long car rides. So you can imagine what I was going through. At the end of the day I got home safe, and the pictures turned out amazing. 

It's not over yet. I rescheduled another session to give them more time. That didn't happen either mother nature had other plans for us. It started raining 30 mins before it was time to head out. Not a light rain, POURING rain. So finally we rescheduled again, and we finished their engagement session in the gorgeous blooming orchards. Did you know blooming orchards are only in bloom for 2 weeks a year?

Guess what? In less than 9 days these two lovebirds are getting married in Tahoe, and we are hoping for a snowy wedding. Isn't that funny how now Im hoping for it? This time I am ready with snow chains, and my husband will be with me. I'm never scared when he's by my side.

Tisha & Joel we are honored and super excited for your upcoming wedding. Everything is going to turn out amazing. I can't wait to document Tisha glowing in her gorgeous dress as she marries the love of her life. 


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