No one likes to get stuck in the mud during a session. But no worries my husband will come to the rescue. Remember that unforgettable expierence we talked about providing? Just ask Maria & Ismael and they will tell you that we ALWAYS have your back. We captured some amazing footage, and best of all we didn't need to call a tow truck.

The day was a beautiful day as it always is after a storm. We were careful to guide Ismael's 350Z through the mud puddled terrain. Not meant to off road and equipped with rims the 350Z had a hard time gaining traction. My husband literally had to push the car a couple times to get to the location. The session was amazing, and it was time to kick up dust. Due to the ground being wet, there was barely any dust available. Behind the wheel Maria's brother was finally able to get the right traction to kick up dust which looked awesome in their pictures.

Maria and Ismael looked astounding. I would of guessed they were professional models if I didn't know any better. Ismael loves Maria so much he's willing to go off road to capture their love in an unforgettable setting.   

On the way out the back tires of their car got completely submerged in wet slosh. My husband and assistant Allie were gathering dirt to put under the tires for traction. Then I see my husband's legs fly out from under him, and he plopped down in a water puddle. It was a big muddy mess. Using some straps and wood we were are to get them back on the road.

 Maria is a mother of four and WOW she's killing it. You would not even think she had any kids. Maria is also in the wedding industry. She is an amazing MUA. If anyone needs a MUA for any special events. Give her a holler. She does amazing makeup. Can't forget to mention she's super fun to be around & sweet as can be. 

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