Did you know that 80% of the world's almonds are grown in California? Yes California is the only state in the US that grows almonds commercially, and almond farms span 500 miles of the Central Valley with 6,500 growers - 72% of which are family owned farms. The rest of the world's almonds come from places like Spain and Australia. - eatingbirdfood.com. It's an honor and a privilege to be able to shoot in these rare beauties. A big thank you goes out to our local farmer.

     The day was a gorgeous day in sunny Bakersfield CA. The blooming orchards were at their peak of beautiful. The mood was so calm and lovely all you can hear was birds chirping as the blooms fell gently to the ground. What a perfect location for Dylan and Jordan? These two love birds have know each other since high school, but they really hit it off on a date at our local B.J's Restaurant and Brewhouse. After hitting it off this has been their favorite place to visit because they both like to watch college football. Dylan and Jordan also have a gorgeous daughter whom we had the pleasure to meet. 

     Dylan proposed to Jordan at the end of their daughters birthday party. He was nervous, but he gathered everyones attention so he could get on one knee and propose. Dylan really cares about his fiancé and his daughter. We can see the love they share for each other and its so sweet. Here are a few of my favorites enjoy.