Lights camera action! Meet Maria and Ismael. They looked superb during their wedding day. Maria is a natural Diva, and together with Ismael these two compliment each other very well. Maria and Ismael were comfortable with the camera, and Maria is familiar with appealing poses. Her whole entourage was full of good looking people. This family has a lot of love for each other and for their friends.

     Emotions were running high the whole day, and everyone was feeling the love. Down from their youngest daughter to me the photographer, we all were shedding tears of joy. The first look was very emotional for their youngest daughter. She was so cute, for she was embarrassed to cry and hid from the cameras. Maria held her composure pretty good. When she saw her handsome children, lets just say she was trying not interfere with her flawless make up. Water proof mascara is a must ladies. Just in case you can't hold back the water works.

     Aside from being handsome their boys are ver well behaved, and they did great walking their beautiful mother down the aisle. The ceremony was a definite tear jerker. Ismael is going to be a great addition to the team because he genuinely cares for his lovely family. They are blessed to enjoy each others company. During the reception a surprise performance by Maria's cousin inspired her grandmother to sing Angle Baby. Her grandmother is so cute and full of energy, I Love it. Her cousin performed ExFactor by Lauren Hill and she sang it delightfully.

     Ismael and Maria danced the night away to their favorite music like Cumbias. With the fog machine and mood lighting, their night ended with lots of dancing and fun. Congratulations on your union, and may you stay blessed for years to come.    

Ismael & Maria Salas

Elements Lounge

March 11th, 2017

Enjoy this teaser trailer as the best is yet to come.