Oh No!! You forgot what? Please! tell me your joking. We hope you never have to experience forgetting a thing on your special day. We all take so much joy & love in planning all our smallest details, that it should be a crime to forget something right? It's always the smallest little detail that sometimes gets over looked. After all we're human and we tend to make mistakes from time to time, so no worries. To make sure your details are portrayed the way they were meant to be, we have provided you with this simple blog to help you along the way. Here at Marianne Lucas Photography and Cinematography we love to pay attention to the smallest details.

      Sometimes your own wedding can be a blur for many different reasons. Maybe you have a photographic memory? If you do good for you. For the rest of us remembering all the small details for that special day can be a daunting task. Having a check list and checking it twice should be mandatory. You could also have a good friend or planner double check it. After the wedding all we have left are the pictures and the video to cherish the moments over and over again. So what makes a good details portrait you might ask?

     There are a few things to consider when deciding what to include in your details, but no worries we are here to tell you from our professional stand point what looks the best. In no order of importance the first is things is to make sure you set aside two invitations for the photographer. Both of the rings are super important. Invitations could get lost somewhere down the line, but you can have a sweet looking photograph to show case to the third generation. Flowers are a vital element as they can tie in your colors at different locations, so if you can have them from start to finish we can incorporate them into your detail photos, first look, ceremony, bridals and toss.

     Jewelry and accessories are always nice to include and can compliment your detail photographs. Maybe a certain piece has sentimental value? be sure to point this out to the photographer before hand, and have the item ready for details before you get ready. From the veil or head piece down to the socks & shoes/heels we would like to have everything from the beginning of the day. That way we can document all your special details that you gathered and hand them over to capture you getting ready. Here are a few examples of some of the items: the garder belt, earrings, necklace, bracelet, rings, gifts, perfume/cologne,  and tie/bow to name a few.

     We will include anything of importance if you are sure to point it out, and rest assured we will give you our honest opinion on what looks the best for you and your details. We spend money to include it in our wedding, so lets take some time and a little extra attention to make sure we have our details ready and on time to be immortalized. I bring a few accessories with me like ribbon, but what I really love is to include items that are personal to you. Here are a few pictures to inspire some ideas.         


Custom Invitation Suites- Maria Lewis (All In The Invite)