Did you know almond orchards are only in bloom for about 2 weeks a year? The timing must be impeccable, but the experience is unique and very magical. Garrett & Chaynae's engagement session looked like a setting from The Chronicles of Narnia series. The falling blooms look like falling snow as they gently fall to the ground. I am excited to share a few gorgeous images from their session tonight! 

This is just 16 images out of the 201 they received. I love to deliver many options. Call me different, but the number one reason is... a picture that I think is crazy gorgeous my client may not. My client may love a certain picture but, I may not feel the same about it. Long story short, I want YOU to pick your favorites not me. So I cull down duplicates, blurry, or unflattering and the rest are all yours. I over deliver on images and I'm okay with that. 

These two could not keep a straight face at all. They were full of love & laughter, and it was a great sight to see. We had so much fun during their session. You can see it all over their pictures. I cannot wait to document their wedding this year. Thank you for choosing us to capture your special day. You guys were total naturals as if you have done this a few times.