Welcome back from the weekend, and we hope it was a great one. There's never a dull moment in our weekends, and we absolutely love it! 

   We are proud to bring you this gorgeous couple's wedding preview, as they were recently united on March 18, 2017. David and Melanie are very sweet with each other. David is very tender, and his demeanor is very calm when it comes to caring for Melanie. We can tell he loves her dearly. Aside from being super sweet, Melanie looked astonishing in her bridal gown. Her make up was breathtaking, and she was sporting a very pretty veil. 

     We captured some beautiful portraits at MillCreek park, but most of their day unfolded at Height Street Baptist Church. They had a lovely ceremony. Then they continued the celebration outside as it was a sunny but gorgeous day. We look forward to see what life has in store for you two. Congratulations on your marriage, and may it last forever.   

David + Melanie Powell

Height Street Baptist Church

March 18th, 2017