City Hall in Ventura is graceful white structure with a light & airy feel. Ventura means "city of good fortune". The city holds a special place in both Breanna and Bryan's hearts for good reason because what better fortune is there to have found the right partner? City Hall overlooks the Santa Cruz mountains and thats where our session started. We took pictures by Father Junipero Serra statue and ended the day at the beach. 

   Breanna's family is very traditional, and Bryan did everything the right from the start . He's very respectful, for he first asked permission from Breanna's father before going on a first date. Bryan is an Italian stallion, and their love for each other is as pure as the air in the coast. 

     Today's Tuesday tip is, if you are hiring a professional make up artist for your wedding?  An engagement session is the perfect time for a trial run. Have them do your make up, so that way you can see exactly what you will get on your wedding day. This will relieve stress and the anticipation to see what you can look like on your wedding day. You can also get a feel for how long the artist process takes? That way you can plan in advance for the artist to have adequate time the day of.