Banda, Mariachi, plus a DJ equals tremendous fun! Vanessa and Jose love a good party just as much as they love each other. The entertainment was on point. The decorations were charming with rose gold, navy blue and white colors. It was a marvelous sunny day. 

    I hope everyone Is having a terrific Tuesday! Vanessa and her girlfriends were getting ready at The Padre Hotel. She has the most adorable daughter and dazzling bridesmaids. The ceremony started at 11:00 am at the stunning Saint Philips The Apostle Church. All their family and friends were present, and their vows were straight from the heart. They are both dedicated to God and that's very important in their relationship. 

     After the ceremony they greeted their loved ones and we took some family pictures. Most of the bridal party jumped into a stretch Ford Excursion limo. The first stop was Bevmo, and then Mc Donald's on our way to  the Sanchez Fruit Yard in Lindsay CA.  

     It was all hands on deck with the decorations once we arrived at the venue. The delicious aroma of food was in the air. Everyone in the bridal party was helping with something. The team work was fascinating. They handcrafted this huge metal love sign that light up at night, and the baby succulent parting gifts were adorable. There was even a fork lift to help with the heavy lifting. The kids were having a grand time playing games in the grass while the adults listened to Mariachi music. It was easy going. After the Mariachi music the Band took over and the Dj would play in between their breaks. The entertainment never stopped.

     We escaped for a few minutes to capture these superb sunset pictures. They were having so much fun dancing to Banda music. The atmosphere was incredible. The gentle breeze made the dancing more enjoyable. It was a grand day!             

Jose & Vanessa Reveles

May 13th, 2017

Padre Hotel  |  St. Phillips Church  |  Sanchez Fruit Yard