James & Cheri share a special kind of love, for they are enjoyable and sweet with each other. They almost mold to each other. They were up for any challenge. Everyone knows I love to climb in bushes and shoot from afar. Well they were just excited as me to climb in the brush. Brush helps my style of shooting to flourish. They are getting married in just a 5 short months. We are more than excited to share your wedding day with you. For sure it will be filled with ton of laughter & love. 

     Did you know the The Kern river supports the cultivation of alfalfa, carrots, fruit, cotton, cattle grazing, and many other year-round crops.  The river is as strong as ever, and it has dramatically changed my favorite location. In a couple years it might be underwater. We were getting used to the drought, but thanks be to God we have an abundance of water.