Happy Friday! Make your weekend an awesome one my friends! Did you know that Wind Wolves Preserve is the the west coast's largest non-profit preserve? Well it is, and if you love undisturbed nature they have 93 thousand acres to explore. It's a very peaceful place nestled in the marvelous scheme of nature.

     Meet Justin and his dazzling finance Raisa. Justin is very calm like a gentle breeze, and he loves to make his charismatic sweet heart smile. These two love birds are getting married in Washington in July. We are elated to be going with you on your love journey. We can hardly wait. Their strong relationship with God is what drew them closer to each other, and with good reason.  

     During our session the sweet tunes of John Mayer were playing in the background as Justin and Raisa gazed deeply into each other's eyes. Justin would whisper sweet nothings in her ear to make her giggle. Justin graced us with some melodic sounds from his custom acoustic guitar. We can tell Justin would do anything to please his beloved partner. After this tranquil getaway we ended our session at a local park were they frolicked like children. They had so much fun and it shows. 

     Friday's freestyle tip is to bring props. Bring whatever interest you, or something that you really love. Items are always easier to use no matter if they are big or small plus they don't require much attention. Animals and children are always welcome, but you have to realize they can take some of your focus and attention away from your picture time. You might be too worried about your baby to really enjoy your session. If these two are a must for you bring a sitter to watch them so you can enjoy your photos worry free.