Dusty blue with salmon accents were the attire for the evening. The air was clean and crisp and lush green trees provided a spectacular backdrop. Seattle Washington holds a special place in their hearts so its only right they had their ceremony at the Lake Wilderness Lodge in Maple Valley, Wa. Justin and Raisa share a special kind of love. These two are so cute together! I just can't help it but to love their faces! 

     This was my first time on a plane! It was not as bad as I thought it was going to be, and the view of the snow caped mountains was breathtaking. I was a bit nervous, but It was all worth it to document the union of these two wonderful beings. I really truly love Raisa and Justin and all their people. We will do whatever we can to make their day go as smooth as possible. It was the night before the wedding and we are out to dinner. Raisa was worried about the little details like any normal bride, so she text me because she wanted to go over the timeline just one more time. I could not get back to the hotel fast enough to re assure her everything was going to be ok. I wish I could of teleported immediately in the hotel. Justin was so tired, but even then he was tender and sweet to his soon to be wife. Raise was telling Justin one more stop, and we were encouraging sleep so would everything would be fine! 

     Morning came and Allie Perkins started the make up for the bridal party. Their friend Rachel was helping with hair. The preparation was as smooth as a babies bottom! Allie Perkins did an amazing job of make up for their bridal party! Raisa's sisters are adorable. I love the relationship they have with each other. During her sister's speech she sang the most darling child hood song to her sister. It was a tearjerker!        

     The weather was perfect for their ceremony. Justin and Raisa's relationship started with God first and that is a recipe for success. Their ceremony was amazing, and they had a good turn out of friends and family. During their reception Justin and company serenaded his wife with his acoustic guitar and his impressive vocals! I love to meet all their parents, grandparents, and family. Justin and Raisa danced the night away in company of their friends and family. It was the end to a perfect day!

Raisa & Justin Brownlow

July 21st, 2017

Lake Wilderness Lodge

Maple Valley, Wa

Beautiful ceremony in the gorgeous Washington area. It was truly a blessing to witness these two become one. Congratulations to the newlyweds! Train- Play that song.