The costal air was cool as the summer heat settled over the Maravilla Gardens in Camarillo CA. Meet Breanna and Bryan these two love birds have known each other for quite sometime. Bryan is a good friend of the family and it was only a matter of time before Bryan was drawn to Breanna's beauty.

     Captivating blue dresse's for the bridesmaids and a gray tux with blue accents for the Groom. Yellow accents on a white boquet was Breanna's accessory to compliment her enchanting white gown. This elegant & romantic love story all started with respect and a chivalrous question? Can I date your sister? Bryan is one of a dying breed because he loved Breanna so much he was willing to succumb to anything Breanna's family threw his way. It was not long before everyone approved of Bryan dating Breanna.

     I can attest apart from being attractive these two families were very loving and they care so much about all their closets members. The day started easy with prep at The Courtyard Marriott hotel. Breanna and her girls were relaxing having a good time getting ready. Little things here and there almost had Breanna in tears, but we assured her everything was going to be ok. There are so many moving parts to a wedding that its hard to execute everything perfectly. Breanna is a perfectionist and Maravilla gardens the venue she chose was the perfect location to get married. 

     Breanna shared an emotional first look with her father, and we can tell she is loved so much by all her family. Right after that she shared a first look with Bryan. Bryan was speechless to see how beautiful his bride to be looked in her white gown. Immediately after their intimate moment we began with some bridal portraits of him and her. The first look is a good option because you get 40% more pictures of just you and your honey. Ladies if you are worried about ruining the reaction? Don't be, the ceremony has a totally different feel than the first look. 

     Bryan was really feeling the moment when his bride to be was being escorted down the isle by her father. This moment is the most emotional for a groom. After they both shared their vows in front of their friends and family Breanna and Bryan opted for more pictures during cocktail hour. They really value their memories and made sure to capture every moment and family member they could. The venue was gorgeous beyond measure, and the food and music was exquisite. The most tangible memory we have are pictures and video, and those are the memories our children's children can cherish for a generations to come. Breanna and Bryan really valued their substancial memories so they made a point to take as many pictures with each other their family and friends. 

     They played the shoe game, and they danced with their relatives. These two are so loved, and their music choice was absolutely exquisite because their DJ Jerry Gutierrez with GTZ entertainment played everything for everyone he definitely aims to please and please is what he did. Everyone danced the night away to their favorite tunes. Breanna and Bryan shared a sparkler exit at the end and swiftly made their get away. We hugged and watched them ride off happily into the night as newly weds.         

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