Otilia looked lovely in her dark blue dress with gold accents. People looked proper wearing traditional Mexican attire. It felt like we were in a retro but new style Mexican theme party for Oti. The dancing was very fun and traditional. Even the little ones were dressed to impress and knew how to dance the Zapateado dance style. The colors were lively. The night could not have turned out better at the Rancho Yegunda Trujillo. 

     Otilia's grandmother was waiting for her as Oti was getting her hair and makeup done at the Pananche salon. The next stop was to capture all the lovely details at Oti's home. Right away they treated us like part of the family. They are very hospitable, and we thank you for that. 

     After the last minute details were taken care of. Oti and her party were ready to start the day. They were riding in a stretch white Dodge Charger with suicide doors and a red carpet entrance. This young lady had the time of her life. The church Immaculate Conception was adorable. The staff there is very friendly and helpful. We enjoyed an intimate ceremony with humor and laughter.

     Rancho Yegunda Trujillo was the perfect place for Oti's birthday celebration because the rodeo was a perfect fit for a Mexican theme party. This ranch also holds a special place for the family, so it worked itself out perfectly. All the decorations were full of colors and full of life they were Mexican traditional in nature. The food was delicious and we received plenty. The clothes were a gorgeous blend of traditional, but with a new twist. It was all very beautiful. Otilia's dress was no exception it was grand. Her dress came in layers and as she danced more into the night the layers came off. It was such a cool and gorgeous dress. It even had pockets! Who does that?

     They did not get tired of dancing, and everyone was having fun. There were amazing live performances from two bands, and the DJ had all the right music. Oti's and her court of honor performed a beautiful dance piece. Oti even surprised us with a gorgeous upbeat dance accompanied by Baila Con Migo dancers. We could tell all the generations from young to elder love to dance. We had a blast.    


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