September 11, 2019

Blake + Sabrina | Married

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer - Marianne Lucas

September 7th, 2019

Sweet & long-awaited wedding at The Old Town Chapel in Bakersfield, Ca

The Perez wedding at The Old Town Chapel was the perfect way to start our busy wedding season approaching us. We are very blessed to have so many couples that trust us with this special time in their lives. So shout out to all our ML Couples. We adore you!!!!

My husband & I met Sabrina and her squad at the Kevin Rush Bridal show earlier this year. When they came to our booth, I recognized a familiar face. It was Sabrina’s sister, Ortencia. She was part of our cheer family in the past. It was refreshing to see someone I knew. She instantly made me feel comfortable and at ease. Bridal shows can be a little overwhelming for the brides and vendors.

Their wedding day started with good weather and a brightly shining sun. On a wedding day, the sun is your best friend. We started with groom prep. Blake and all his crew were almost ready when we arrived and Blake was getting their son ready for the day. Blake only had on his suit pants, white button-up shirt, and socks. This is what I always request when we arrive. Groom prep tip – If the groom is fully dressed when your photo team arrives, 9 times out of 10 they will not want to get undressed to get dressed again. JUST FYI. After Blake was done we did a few candid shots of him and his guys. Right before we left I took Blake outside to snap a couple solo shots before we headed to Sabrina.

Always one of my favorite parts of the day is BRIDE PREP. Sabrina chose her own home to get ready with her girls for the wedding. This was a great choice because she had a houseful. No hotel would have been able to let her enjoy all the company from everyone there that loved her. Sabrina was just starting makeup when we arrived. I jumped in for a couple of candids before I got started on details.

Details are fun for me. They push me to think outside of the box and it gets my creative flow going for the rest of the day. Sabrina is fancy with 2 of everything. Her dresses were AMAZING!!!!! Both of her dresses were so different and unique. I love itttt!! Two pairs of gorgeous shoes, two pairs of cute earrings, and the two PERFECT dresses. Her first dress was ballroom style and her second dress was a tight fitted dress with layers on the bottom. Too CUTE!!!

Their wedding went off without a hitch. My MOST favorite part of the ceremony was when Blake stopped and turned to Jaelyn (their daughter) and told her he promised to always protect her throughout her life. It was so sweet I think everyone cried, including me. I am such a cry baby.

After the wedding at The Old Town Chapel, we headed to The Padre Hotel for Sabrina to change into her next dress. Their reception was at The Women’s Club in downtown Bakersfield, Ca. The reception hall was spacious and full of everyone who loved them most. During the grand entrance, each bridal party couple danced their way into a receiving line for Sabrina & Blake to run through. The reception ran smoothly. Tons of fun going on!!! Their reception details were simple but special.

Thank you, Sabrina & Blake, for loving each other fully and wholesomely. Your love for each other shows through your actions and expressions. We are very excited for this new chapter to open in your lives. We can’t wait to see what is in store for your family. Ortencia and Jaylen: thank you for all your help. It is so nice to have to helping hands during this kind of event.

I hope you love these favorites of mine. Enjoy!!!! Everyone have a great work week. Only 2 days til Friday yayyyy!!!!!

Highlight Trailer


Thank you to the following vendors!

Photos and video by Marianne Lucas Photography & Cinematography
Ceremony Venue – The Old Town Chapel
Reception Venue – The Woman’s Club of Bakersfield
Florist – Bakersfield Flower Market
DJ – DJ Myth
Makeup Artist – Delia Hernandez
Dresses by Coco Melody

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