November 2, 2019

David + Abby | Married

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer - Marianne Lucas

October 26th, 2019

Bride & groom wedding picture at Springville Ranch in Springville, Ca. Reception picture inside Springville ranch during the first dance between the bride & groom.

Incredible Springville Ranch wedding in the hills of Springville, CA

Wow!!! This Springville Ranch wedding is very important and special to me. David, the groom, is the son of a fantastic portrait photographer in Springville, CA, and she happens to be one of my best friends as well. AWE!!! I love this whole family!! I have been lucky enough to witness these two grow up throughout high school and into adults. This is where their love story begins……. High school sweethearts!!!!

Abby first laid eyes on David on her 17th birthday from across the quad at school. He noticed she had a 1 & 7 balloon and, proceeded to ask her if it was her birthday. They started talking, and have been together ever since. David proposed on June 11th, 2017, and guess what she said, lol!!!! YESSSS! And I was there to capture it all. Danielle & I planned it all, well, mostly her LOL. It was the sweetest surprise proposal ever.

David & Abby chose to have a Springville Ranch wedding in Springville, Ca for their celebration. OHHH, how I love this venue. Sooooo much character and charm. They did a fantastic job with decor and planning. The wood tables complimented the inside of the barn very well. Everything was very thought out, you could tell. I cannot wait to go back there!!!!

Abby and her bridesmaids did all their hair and makeup in the bridal suite downstairs. The room was full of beauty, laughter, and love. All the bridesmaids have pajamas matching the colors of the wedding. They were adorable and different. After everyone finished getting ready, Abby’s mom assisted her in her dress and final details. Abby is very loved. The way her mom took care of her was precious. She never left her side. Abby requested a unique portrait. She wanted a way to include her grandmother, who is 97, couldn’t make it feel like she was included on her wedding day. Abby framed a picture of her grandmother. I took a picture of Abby blurry in the background focus on her grandmother’s framed portrait. So cute!!! It is a BW picture below. This portrait request was my favorite moment of Abby’s prep.

David’s prep was short & sweet. He knows how to pose. Hmmm, I wonder why. I’m sure he has been posing for his mom his whole life. He is a natural model. Right before the ceremony, his mom Danielle pinned his boutonniere on and helped with final touches. David looked sharp and ready to get married.

Ohhh, this is where the real crying fest began….. at the ceremony. A little backstory David has a younger brother named Kayleb, who is currently serving in the Air Force. Kayleb not in attendance was very hard on everyone. Oh, I cried like a baby. Like bad, bad, ugly cry. Kayleb was able to watch the wedding through facetime. Which we are all thankful technology can make special moments like this happen. Facetime with Kayleb was such a sweet way to include him, as well. During speeches, Kayleb SURPRISED Abby & David with his own speech that he had one of David’s groomsmen read. His speech was a ton of emotions in one: funny, heartfelt, tear-jerker, and good old brother play. It was a night to remember. There was so many tears shed that night. The reception was fun, lively, and full of AMAZING dance moves. This family knows how to celebrate.

We had an absolute blast documenting your INCREDIBLE wedding. Thank you for allowing us to be by your side on this extraordinary day. Abby girl, you are GORGEOUS!!!! You already know. I loved your smile and your piercing blue eyes. Your beauty jumped out of every picture, screaming your name. David, you got your self a keeper. Hold her tight and love her unconditionally. David, you are a handsome, respectful, and intelligent man. You have always been a good kid and now into an exceptional man. I am so proud of you. I am so very excited to watch you guys take this next step into life. Love you guys! Enjoy some of my favorite’s from your wedding.

Springville Ranch Wedding Highlight Trailer

My Favorite’s


Venue: Springville Ranch

Photo & Cinema- Marianne Lucas Photography & Cinematography

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