November 23, 2019

Adam + Mallory | Married

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer - Marianne Lucas

November 16th, 2019

Bakersfield Wedding Photographer - Marianne Wedding Photographer

Beautiful fall wedding at JEH Ranch in Bakersfield CA

Happy Saturday, Friends! This week’s blog is from our last wedding of the year, and it was an interesting one. We had quite the entertainment across the street during the ceremony, but that didn’t stop Mallory and Adam from having the perfect wedding at JEH Ranch in Bakersfield, Ca.

We arrived at the bride prep ready and excited to share this special day with Mallory and Adam. Mallory and all her bridal party chose Mallory’s mom’s beautiful house to get ready. I love her blonde floors, LOL. (Our house is almost done, so I have been obsessed with wood flooring) Mallory’s mom’s house was the perfect place to get ready. Big, spacious, and great lighting. Mallory’s gorgeous face was almost ready when we arrived, so as they sipped on mimosa’s and hung out, I jumped right into details. OH, the DETAILS of this wedding are like WOW. First off, Mallory wore her mom’s dress………… preciousssss. The dress fit her like a glove. Mallory purchased unique gifts for all her parents. My favorite was the handkerchiefs she had custom made for her mom and dad. All of the jewelry she wore had different special meanings worn by different people in her life. I had so much fun documenting these little details. Once Mallory stepped into her wedding gown, everyone was in awe. She looked INCREDIBLE.

Adam and their sons prepped for the wedding at the cigar bar at JEH Ranch. When I arrived, the boys were quietly coloring like good lil handsome boys while Adam and all his groomsmen were finishing up with prep. So funny, so all of Adam’s groomsmen had matching socks with his face on them. LOL. Great gift, Adam!!! Now Adam & Mallory’s dad was wearing socks with Mallory’s face…even better gift Mallory!!! The socks were a super cute detail to the guy’s attire. I love the bond and relationship Adam has with his boys, very attentive and protective. It was sweet to see. After a few detail shots of Adam’s stuff, we finished getting him in the suit.

I prepped Adam for the first look. Adam was ready to see his wife to be. But first, we did a quick first look with her dad. The emotions were fully flowing by then. He was so proud and happy to see his baby girl first. As soon as his first look was over, it was FINALLY Adam’s turn.

I found the perfect spot under a willow tree (which are my favorite trees ever) for Adam & Mallory’s first look. When Adam turned around, his eyes filled with tears instantly as he stared on to the most beautiful person in his life. It was a pure joy to see as Adam twirled Mallory to get the full view. They laughed, hugged, and cried as they saw each other.

Shortly after their intimate moment, we jumped right into the magic-making as I would say. Ok, I must admit I have struggled to find the perfect light at this venue. I think more because I was always paying more attention to the location and background instead of the most essential aspect, which is the LIGHT. No matter how beautiful the area is, if the light isn’t right, you are wasting your time. The image will never be what you want. SOOOO I must say I NAILED it this time at JEH Ranch, and I am so proud because this is my favorite venue in Bakersfield. During this golden magic-making time, we did all of their bride & groom portraits & bridal party photos.

Then came the ceremony. JEH Ranch has riverfront property, which is gorgeous for any event. There was a wooden arbor with flowers draping down one corner. As the chairs filled with friends and family, the nervousness started to set in. But they were ready. READY to become one. As Mallory made her way down the aisle, everyone looked on with excitement. During the ceremony, Adam turned to his son Landon to make sure he knew how special and loved he was. Adam vowed always to protect him and be the dad he deserves. That was my absolute favorite moment of the entire day. It brought tears to my eyes. Oh, by the way, they had the cutest flower girl ever. After a little unexpected excitement across at Hart Park, we carried on the festivities. After exchanging rings, the officiant pronounced them as Mr. & Mrs. Garza.

The reception started just as the sun had gone down. All lined up and readied, the bridal party marched their way to the dance floor, cheering on the next set of the bridal party pairs. After the grand entrance, we went straight into dinner. The food was delicious thank you, Mallory & Adam, for taking care of your vendors. Much appreciated!!! During speeches, many people spoke about how perfect Adam & Mallory are together and all kinds of childhood stories. Mallory’s dad took a trip down memory lane, and it was precious. After all the gushy speeches, we went straight into dances. Mallory not only danced with her dad but her step-dad too. I thought this was a great way to incorporate both dads. Adam danced with his mom, holding her tight until the end. Finally, first dance!!! Mallory & Adam had a surprise for us. Shortly after their first dance started, they switched the music and got down to the new song THE GIT UP. It was quite epic. They were good at it too. All their kids joined in. Soooo CUTE. The night continued with tons of laughter & dancing.

Mallory & Adam, I don’t even know where to start. The biggest compliment to a photographer is #1 A Referral and #2 Trusting your photographer. This is exactly what they did, trusted me fully. From the moment, I met Mallory, she was already set on us being a part of her dream team. I was so excited, and so was she. The feeling was mutual. Adam & Mallory trusted us with any ideas we had. Thank you for allowing our team to be a part of your wedding at JEH Ranch and for allowing us to serve you and your family on your wedding day. Mallory, your wedding gown was one of a kind and looked AMAZING on you. Your momma has a great sense of style. Adam, you were looking sharp with your lil handsome men by your side. I am ecstatic to watch this new season in your lives begin. May the Lord bless you with many many years of happiness. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Garza!!!

Highlight trailer

Wedding portraits

Dream Team:

Photo & Cinema – Marianne Lucas Photography & Cinematography

Venue, Florals, & Coordination – JEH Ranch in Bakersfield, CA

Hair & Makeup – Alivia Daniels, Carla Phillips, and Jana Maes

Menswear – Friar Tux

Bridesmaids Dresses – Birdy Grey

Wedding Gown Alterations – Bakersfield Alterations (Mary Rita)

Emcee/ Dj – All Sound Music Entertainment

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