January 29, 2019

The life behind Marianne Lucas Photography & Cinematography

Santa Barbara Wedding Photographer - Marianne Lucas

Photo Credit: http://www.melisagildenphotography.com

Thank you Melisa for these wonderful portraits of my family. I will forever cherish them.

Thank you my sweet friend Allie Perkins for glamming me up. My make up was flawless!!!


   Wow, January has already flown by. I am very excited to see what this season brings our way. This year I have a goal to show up more in my business (Marianne Lucas Photography & Cinematography), and let you guys into my life more. I am beyond excited to tell you all about my family and I. You may be here awhile I have a lot to say.

Introduction Monday!!! If you are new around here, I am Marianne Lucas the co-owner of Marianne Lucas Photography & Cinematography.  Thank you for joining us. I am a business owner, soccer/ cheer/ karate mom, a sister, and a wife. My husband and I are a team, I am the lead photographer & my husband Victor is the lead cinematographer. We have been together for 12 years and married for almost 3 years. He is my ROCK. There is no way I would be where I am today without him. We have four daughters. Alexis is 16, Desiree is 14, Victoria is 10, and little Rachael is 8. Currently, we are having a house built in Tehachapi, hoping for completion by Oct 2019. Don’t worry we are planning to get an office here when we move to Tehachapi. We will always serve Bakersfield & beyond.

I started the business in 2012 while I was employed at the Kern High School District. When I first started Marianne Lucas Photography, I would shoot everything & anything because I was sooo eager to learn. I have always been obsessed with portraits. I literally have tons of shoe boxes full of pictures from my younger days.

In 2015, My husband joined the business, and it has been the biggest blessing. Also in 2015, we focused Marianne Lucas Photography & Cinematography on weddings. After years of shooting anything, I really found my niche for weddings. I cherish meeting my couples families, witnessing tears, laughter, and joy all in the same day. I have a passion for shooting all the details of the day. Shooting weddings is the highlight of my weekends.

In our old house, we built a newborn studio so I could do newborn photography. However, about a year in I realized it just wasn’t for me. I worked for the Kern High School District for ten years before resigning my supervisor position in 2015 to follow my dreams of wedding photography. Wow, I just realize how much happened in 2015. I loved my job at the district. It was a significant risk I took when I resigned. However, I can say today. It was the best decision I ever made. I have so much more time with my family and more time to serve my couples better. My husband resigned his position with the County of Kern in 2017 to go full time with our business.

We have many jobs as business owners. Victor manages all of our equipment, he is a visual artist, does all the cinema editing, post office runs, kids taxi driver and keeps our finances in order. I am a creative artist, photo editor, marketer, blogger, album designer, accountant, salesman, and manage all of our kid’s crazy sports schedules. Our eldest daughter just got her license, so our crazy activities schedule did lighten up a bit — kind of exciting but sad moment all at the same time. (Side note I’m am devasted my kids are growing so fast. I cry over everything my kids do new. (Camp keep, eighth-grade graduation, freshman orientation, drivers license, and anything, lol)

More about just myself. I adore my family. My daughters have shaped me into the mom I am today. My husband is my everything. I appreciate his knowledge, comfort, and calm personality, especially when I am going crazy. Our girls keep us both very busy. BUT, we are going to enjoy every minute of it while they are still home. My absolute favorite color is dusty rose pink, and favorite coffee is a FRAPPE YUMMMM!!!! I love grey/white/ gold marble textures. So much I want all my counters in the new house those colors in marble or granite. I am the only girl in my family, and I am the youngest of three. I am close with my brothers and their families. We often go camping and do barbecues together. One day I would love to own a horse. Horseback riding in new places are my favorite. I love to travel to new places with my family. When we go out of town, I always want to try a new place to eat. Never eat somewhere we can eat at home. Scentsy is LIFE. Love a good smelling house. I love all my friends and family I have. I know I don’t get to spend much time with them, but I want them all to know I love them. Another goal I have this year is to spend more time with friends and more date nights for Victor & I. We all need a little time away sometimes. There is so much more to learn about me. I will share more over time.

More about Victor, my fantastic husband. Victor served in the army from 2001- 2009. When he returned from the service, his family moved to Bakersfield from LA. I met Victor is 2007. I knew from the first time meeting him he was different from most men. After we met, we were pretty much inseparable. He made my heart smile. Victor loves to play basketball, take the kids to the park, and play Red Dead with my brother online. He loves history, foreign films, and healthy food. Victor is the oldest out of 4. Victor is very close with his family. Especially his momma. I love her she cooks BOMB. You know how they say if a man is respectful and loving to his mother, he will treat his wife the same. BOOM I hit the jackpot! He is so helpful with our kids, our business duties, and the house. He does not mess with dishes though. It’s ok I’ll take that. He has taught me to save money and spend it wisely. He has taught me to value my time more and when to put my work aside. I have learned so much from this man and with him. Thank you, Victor, for being a ROCKSTAR!

Alexis is my eldest daughter. She is 16. She wants to do every sport and go to every function. Sometimes I can’t keep up with her. She has excellent grades honor classes and all. She has done competition cheer for the past five years going as far as Florida last May on a full paid bid to Summit. I thought cheerleading was over. However, about two weeks ago her cheer gym contacting us for her to fill in the rest of the year. She was so happy to be back in cheer. And of course, said yes. So we are now back in. Last week was her first comp as I watched her performed I cried. Just seeing her perform again was priceless. She is currently on her high school JV soccer team as well. She plans to sign up for club soccer during tryouts in March. Alexis has a super cute style. She just cut her hair short it’s adorable. Alexis is very independent and helpful with her sisters when we have to work. She does not like to be late anywhere. That is an outstanding trait Alexis has. She does dabble in youtube a little bit. However, she dislikes promo videos. You know when companies send free stuff to make a video about. I would be all over that, I love free stuff. I am very proud of Alexis. She has set a good example for her little sisters.

Desiree is my second oldest she is 14 years old. She is a very good girl as well as good grades and has a very caring personality. Desiree made her JV soccer team as well but recently quit because of some meanness on her team. Desiree has a YouTube channel that she put much work into. She has been very successful in her youtube journey. She had her first interview with Famous Birthdays website. Her dad and I drove her to Santa Monica last week. It was pretty cool. Friendly & fast just like I like. Desiree is very helpful when asked. Desiree loves to spoil friends and family and has a very unique personality. I love how different she is, and she doesn’t care what anybody thinks. She has always been a leader, not a follower. Desiree plans to join a soccer club in March as well. Desiree is also very independent, but when she stays up late, she’s hard to wake up in the morning. lol I’m very proud of Desiree for all the hard work she does and for being different.

Victoria is 10 years old. She is named after Victor just as a girl JR LOL. She is so lovely and cuddly. Her and Rachael are the best of friends. Victoria was also in competition cheer for the last five years, but after a broken forearm, it took her out the game. We are too scared to allow her to cheer anymore. Her team also won a full paid bid to Florida last May. So I can at least say she ended her years with a Bang!!!! Now Victoria just joined Karate with Rachael. They have only been going the last few weeks, but they seem to love it. If your child is interested in Karate, this is the place to go. https://www.hanstaekwondo.com Funny story: One day the girls arrived at Karate. Victor was outside for a minute. The girls come walking out and say there is no Karate today. Then Victor asked why? The said oh they are just sparring. He made them go back and join in. The girls were nervous they had never sparred before or even knew what it was. They were quick to try to get out of it. LOL Dad made them try it. They ended up loving it. Victoria is a very hard worker in school. She is always complimented on how nice she is to new students and very helpful. Victoria always takes care of Rachael too. I am very proud of her love and protection for her little sister. Victoria is in love with slime & tik toc. Her favorite thing to do is make tik toc videos with slime. Her favorite colors are pink & yellow. She loves to play with baby dolls and make dance routines.

Rachel is our youngest she is 8 years old. Rachel loves boy toys her favorite color is blue. Rachel did AYSO soccer in the fall of last year and now is in karate with Victoria. Rachel is very sassy. I think she gets that from me. She loves to be babied. When she was 2 we took her crib down and she hung on and cried. She loved her crib. Rachel is a very smart and tough cookie. She wants to play basketball next, and she loves to go to the park with her dad. Rachel likes legos, dinosaurs, trucks, cars and loves paw patrol. She doesn’t like to dress girly. She is a lot like Alexis as far as getting up in the morning as soon as I call her name she jumps up to get ready for school. Desiree & Victoria are opposite you have to them up over and over again. I’m so proud of the big girl Rachael is becoming. She loves to read and play with her sister at school. Rachael is like my mini-me.

My heart is so full right now. I have wanted to post this blog for months and I finally got it accomplished. Our work schedule is very demanding. Therefore, personal project sometimes get put on the back burner. Who can relate?

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read my blog. I hoped you enjoyed reading more about my family and getting a peek inside Marianne Lucas Photography & Cinematography. I plan to keep everyone updated on our life more and the progress of our home. I think it would be interesting and fun to blog about. Comment below any topics you would like me to blog about. I love hearing your thoughts. Enjoy some of my favorites from our session in SLO awhile back. BTW these were our first family portraits EVER. Shame on me. I will never let us go that long without portraits ever again. Again thank you Melisa Gilden for our family pictures.

If you would like to hear more about our wedding services for photo & cinema you can click the link below to contact us!!! Cheers to an amazingly productive week coming up.

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    Lovely post about your family, thanks for sharing and giving us all a glimpse into your life. Gorgeous family pictures, and your girls are beautiful!

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    Beautiful family. Thanks for sharing!

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    What a beautiful wholesome family❤ Thank you for sharing.

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    Gorgeous family!! I love how you shared your daughters shaped you….isnt it amazing how they help US grow and become better people!?!?

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    Thank you for sharing! I’m so thankful to know such a wonderful family. The pictures are absolutely adorable. Love you

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    Loved getting to meet your family through the blog post! Great photos! Good luck with your house 🙂

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    I loved learning all about your family, they are beautiful! And your an amazing photographer!

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